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First Flight Week

First Flight 2014: UNT's Official Welcome Program

Sunday, August 17 - Sunday, August 24

We believe every UNT student has the potential to succeed.  We also know that the transition to college can often be difficult as you begin to navigate a new environment where you are now responsible for all of your decisions—both positive and negative. Part of our responsibility is to help you shape your college experience in a way that sets you up for this success. You are an important member of our university community and we want to make sure you, too, feel like an integral member of it.

To help you start on the right foot, all new freshmen will be required to participate in First Flight, UNT’s official welcome week program. First Flight consists of a series of events all geared toward starting your first semester on the right foot. Ultimately, by the end of First Flight, we want you to feel prepared, have a sense of what a healthy college lifestyle looks like, feel connected to the university community, and already be thinking about your future!

All new freshmen must check in for First Flight on Sunday, August 17 between 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the UNT Coliseum. Once you check in, regardless of if you live on campus or will be commuting to campus, you should plan to spend the week at UNT. Attendance will be taken at all First Flight events.

Although First Flight is mandatory for all new freshmen, new transfers and continuing students are also encouraged to attend any programs of interest to them.

Program Expectations for Students during First Flight

Small Group

Similar to orientation, all students will be placed in a group of 25 of their peers based on their major. Small groups will be led by a First Flight leader. Small groups will meet 6 times during First Flight in an effort to help build connections among students, introduce new material, and reflect on experiences throughout the week.

TIME Speaker

The TIME speaker, also known as, This Is My Experience,” features a nationally-recognized speaker to address a topic pertinent to college freshmen. Past topics have included the repercussions of drinking and driving, relationships, and normalizing the emotions many freshmen have.

College Day

Thursday, August 21, students will get a more intimate look at your college. Students might experience a mock lecture, meet with faculty and staff from your major, and/or tour facilities important to succeeding in your major. The possibilities are endless on how your college may choose to connect better with you.

University 101

University 101 will give you a chance to get in the college-going mindset. After your summer break, this session will serve as a refresher on how you learn, good study habits, and time management, among many other things.

Special Interest Sessions

Students will be required to attend at least 1 interest session hosted by a member of the academic administration during First Flight. These sessions will allow you to get to know the academic leaders on our campus, get a sense of what a large classroom feels like, and most importantly, learn something cool.

New Student Convocation

New Student Convocation serves as your official academic kick-off to the upcoming year. The event will include all of the President’s cabinet members, deans, and other faculty and staff. It will culminate with the official pinning of new students with an eagle lapel that can also be worn at their graduation.


In order for students to “make First Flight their own,” allows for flexibility in your schedule to meet your personal needs.

  • My Prep

Being prepared for college level work is your first step to a successful year. What you may need in terms of preparation will vary by student. Throughout First Flight, you must attend 4 programs in this category.

  • My Life

On a campus UNT’s size, opportunities to engage in campus life are abundant. Take time this week to connect with your peers, figure out ways you want to be involved on campus, and immerse yourself in the spirit and traditions! Throughout First Flight, you must attend 2 programs in this category.

  • My Health and Wellness

Cultivating a lifestyle that embraces ideas of health and wellness are keys to your happiness and success in college. Throughout First Flight, you must attend 2 programs in this category.

  • My Future

Although graduation is still 4 years away, the actions you make today will impact your future. Throughout First Flight, you must attend 2 programs in this category.